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September 13, 2007
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La Rochelle by RadoJavor La Rochelle by RadoJavor
Finally i can start to post my newer works. I have some 5 pictures and wil lpost them in next 2 months hopefully.
This is a painting for the new project of the Creative Assembly.

The name of the game is Empire: total war. As I love to paint old ships I really enjoyed working on those pictures. This is only first one, the rest is waiting to be published.
The Image captures early mornig mood in huge french harbour La Rochelle, year 1715. The big ship on the left is the grandious Le Louis Quinze, most beatifull and biggest ship of its age.
I did try to make the ship as real as possible, reference was the model in naval museum in Paris. The general mood of the picture is maybe similar to some old oils from the century, that was my small goal.

The whole pic was done in about 30-40 hours. Original size is something like 2600pix so it was somehow hard to finish.

Im hoping that you will like this picture and i'll be happy to see any comments.
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Thank you. Love your historical ships. La Rochelle draws me inside of the picture. I can stare at it for hours. I want it in my office. Magnificent!

Lepanto, Armada, Fire Ships, Roman Ship are also my favourites. Well, I am a history nut.

The Study of Light puts me in a calm mood. Want that one in my office too.
Rado Javor, please make La Rochelle available as a print and also Study of Light, I want both on canvas.
tylerpuff Feb 16, 2013  Student General Artist
I want to be on that ship!
Stunning details, quite a vision :)
ajarofpickles Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
SaveAmerica Jan 11, 2013
Awesome Picture!! I LOVE IT!!!!
wonderful work!
This is unbelievable! Amazing work!
jaynedarcy Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is gorgeous! I had no idea it was yours. I found it some months ago - uncredited - on I wish I had the exact link. I've had this as my desktop wallpaper since then and never knew it was painted for a game. I truly thought this was a painting done by the Old Masters!! So, you did a fantastic job! I am wowed, impressed, and I love this!
I adore this picture so much. I would hang it up on my wall, seriously.
I love old ships and you have done an absolutely terrific job.
Love the atmosphere. Love the details x)
I'm in love with the whole picture =)
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