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February 20, 2012
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Santiago by RadoJavor Santiago by RadoJavor
The Biggest naval battle of Spanish-American war, called Battle of Santiago de Cuba. The whole war went very unfortunate for Spain and This was a end of the hundreds years old Spanish empire, it was year 1898.
I think Its an interesting moment in history and I also like the design of the ships from this age. Especially this cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa. It was sunk with all other Spanish ships.

Done in photoshop with the help of wacom tablet. It was quiet slow picture done in about two weeks evenings. Spend ages on the old photos and plans for this ship.
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Que bonito! :clap:
BRAVO ZULU On an excellent really capture the feeing of been at sea..
Absolutely flawless!!! I must know what software you used to pull this off. Please share your methods

I will try to give a decent critique here since I am familiar with military photos since I was a 96D2T in the Army.


First it is very dramatic obviously out gunned against what looks to be a larger and better armed opponent. I would think that the wheel house would be better armored since that is where the captain would be during an engagement, but I have to remember this was a portrait of a ship that sank pre-20th century.


The artwork on the bow is good, I do remember ships having that. Also the primitive style of range finding on the fore turret is a nice touch which few would see.


All in all this is a very good work in my opinion.

I like that era of ships, too. They re-used the ancient ram hull concept after the "Re d'Italia" was rammed and sunk some decades earlier that way. This era got some of the most amazing ship concepts.

Technically the colors and the contrast inside the image are kinda low. It's still somehow not looking real enough. Still, it's a master piece, and it cought me for a long time and made myself dreaming.
Very very nicely done. The ships are authentic for the period and the navies.
This is a very pretty ship for a warship :O
Very impressive! :omg:

The battleship in the background looks like the USS Oregon, one of my favorite pre-dreadnought ship designs.
Claudius42 Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Remember the Maine! this is incredible!
Simply wonderfull. It's very hard to find any picture of naval combat from that era, especially of this quality.
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